September - December 2017

In this phase I want to work more with big drawings in Indian ink. Old photos of children in their schools inspire me. "We don´t need no education" or "Where did you go my little friend?" I have read a book by Peter Fröberg Idling about the genocide in Cambodia, and it made a deep impression on me. I searched for more information and photos on the net and found the genocide museum in Phnom Penh. I am now working with these pictures in my own way...Many pictures of people´s faces have been flowing over me in all kinds of media these days and I am trying to find a way to express some of this in my drawings. Now the "Exodus" of refugees from the wars in middle east are making an impression on me and I am working with big drawings.

Graphite is a material which interests me once again. I have started big drawings with different lead pencils, soft and hard. My motive is waves. In reality, life exists in waves, waves coming and going.

I am continuing to work with my mixed media paintings: first a collage of manipulated photoes,which is then covered with transparent oil paint where I save some forms. Just now I am working with manipulated photoes in forms of islamic archs, "arabesques". The old church - mosque Hagia Sofia with its cupolas like femal breasts and dedicated to the femal God of wisedom Sofia is now a source of inspiration. I have taken photoes of a waste diposal site, manipulated them and put them together in collage, then ciover all with paint where I have saved some form trying to build a wellfare society being on the glide.

I am very happy and proud to say that I have received a generous grant from the Cultural Board and Art Museum of Malmö. It gives me opportunity to go on inspirational journeys and to buy some new art materials. This article is in Swedish. www.hd.se/familj/2011/08/03/arbetar-mer-an-nagonsin/

Just now I am working with painting, inspired by Max Ernst and his "décalcomanies" I am making experiments with a kind of landscapes full of "phantasmagories".

The photographer Henrik Malmborg has made a fine video about some of us artists in Värmland. www.youtube.com/user/Konstivarmland

The exhibition in Krapperup gave us  a review in Helsingborgs Dagblad, the article is in Swedish www.hd.se/kultur/konst/2013/05/04/fyra-nyanser

My exhibition  in Orsa gave me reportage in Mora Tidning, a little dramatic but OK.


 I have my studio in Landskrona about 15 km. south from Rydebäck. There is an old and huge magazine for seeds where the city of Landskrona have prepared studios for a group of artists, Fröfabriken.

Now the Liljevalchs Art Hall Spring Exhibition is finished.  Recension in DN  http://www.dn.se/kultur-noje/konstrecensioner/varsalongen-2016-liljevalchs-co-urban-escape-lagmald-salong-med-ett-underbart-bananskal/

 I was represented by 3 big drawings in indian ink in Landskrona art Hall during the exhibition Svart På Vitt (Black on White)Recension in HD and Sydsvenska dagbladet http://www.hd.se/kultur/2016/04/15/manga-nyanser-av-svartvitt/

My solo exhibition in Gallery Moment, Ängelholm went well, with much attention.

Review in Swedish: www.bmz.se/dokument/fradera_Moment.html 
Sören Sommelius : www.nyakultursoren.se/?p=4413 

This Autumn in October 14 untilm November 11. I expose together with my colleges from Fröfabriken Landskrona in ART GALLERY Karlskrona
28 october - 17 December I expose in Pumphusets Art Hall Borstahusen Landskrona, together with Bianca Maria Barmen, Agneta Hemert, Norbert Robles.

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