My art

colageMy Art I was born and raised in Värmland, in the west of Sweden, close to Norway. After my education at the University College of Arts and Crafts in Stockholm, Catalonia and Skåne in the south of Sweden became my home.

Catalonia and Spain, which I learnt to know through my marriage to a Spanish artist, have influenced me much. The meeting with a dictatorship (Franco), the violent history of this country, its expressive art, and the strong catholic religion hit a naive girl from Sweden directly in the heart. I learned a lot from the technical richness that you can find in both old and modern Spanish art.

After the decease of my Catalan husband, I worked as an art teacher in Skåne, Sweden to support my children and myself. Many young people passed through my hands and that inspired me. All these vulnerable and straying young teenagers made a deep influence on me, specially the girls who were so shy that they almost disappeared into the wallpaper.

At the end of the 90ties, I left the world of the school and dedicated myself to my art work.

Painting feels closest to me but I am trying other ways to express myself as light installations and works with objects. Vulnerable human beings are often in my pictures and the nature is always a source to both rest and anxiety and also an inspiration to work.
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