Via Dolorosa

Via Dolorosa is a suite of seven paintings, shaping a cross. Every painting is made on dull grinded acrylic glass. My intention is that the cross installation shall be placed on the floor so that people can walk on it. Via Dolorosa belongs to  Gustav Adolfskyrkan, Helsingborg and during the Holy Week the painting will be installed on the floor.
Crucified - Fear not
Crucifying - Father forgive them
He carried his cross himself
He carried his cross himself
Judas kiss - The suite of Via Dolorosa is seven paintings on acrylic glass. The paint is on one side. The seven stations can be placed on the floor like a cross and it is possible to walk on them.
Judas kiss
The insult, look at the son of man
The insult
Pietà - They took his body and put it into a grave
Pontius Pilatus - I am innocent
Pontius Pilatus
The Crucifix - The seven stations placed as a cross on the floor
The Crucifix
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