Paintings & Collages

My paintings are made of different materials as oil paint mixed with acrylic paint and sometimes in a collage of photos. I have been working with collages on boxes and then painted with oil paint. The themes are about mythes and sometimes ironic.
Lately I am occupied by the vulnerable people who are the refugees. This is my actual theme in both collages and paintings.
The smile of the Sphinx - Collage of photoes and paint on wood. Size 80x120cm
The smile of the Sphinx
Detail of The Smile of the Sphinx
Detail - The smile of the Sphinx
Arabesque II. Collage of manipulated photoes and oilpainting
Arabesque II
Detail of Arabesque II
Detail - Arabesque II
Nike - Figuration of Nike, the godess of victory. Collage of photoes and oil paint on canvas. Size 120x80cm
Detail of Nike
Detail - Nike
Hagia Sofia - The Hagia Sofia, the holy wisdom, an hommage to the femal wisdom. The shape is inspired by female forms and the domes of the holy mosque. Collage of photoes and oil paint on canvas. Size  58x80cm.
Hagia Sofia
Detail of Hagia Sofia
Detail - Hagia Sofia
The Wellfare state on the slide - Collage of photoes and oil paint.
The Wellfare state on the slide
Detail of The wellfare state on the slide
Detail - The wellfare state on the slide
The Altar of Garbage - Photos from the waste collecton and paint
The Altar of Garbage
Detail of the Altar of Garbage
Detail - Altar of Garbage
Collage and oil paint 45x45cm
Vest / Livstycke IV
Super Market. A work of photos and paint. The photos are taken in a Super Market place, then manipulated in the computor and pasted on canvas. Paint over all and some forms are saved.
Super Market.
Fantasmagorias I.Oil and acrylic painting with a base of wood.
fantasmagorias I
Fantasmagorias II.Oil and acrylic painting. Base of Wood
fantasmagorias II
Exodus 81x86cm Oil and Acrylic paint. Base of wood
The Spotlight, oil and acrylic painting 66x60cm. Base of wood
the spotlight
The Vulnerables oil and acrylic painting 76x60cm. Base of wood
the vulnerables
The unprotected oil and acrylic painting 75x60cm. Base of wood
From Damascus, a collage with the map of Damascus, photos and drawings, covered with oil paint.62x100 cm.
From Damascus
The Long March, collage of photos and oil paint. 86x50 cm.
The long march
The Long Walk, collage of photos and oil paint. 20x20 cm
The Long Walk
The Tunnel is a painting in mixed media, oil,acrylic and collage. 120x85cm
the tunnel
the tunnel detail
The Border. 72x56 cm  Collage, oil paint. Collage of photos from cartons and waste.
the border
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